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itec lesson plan1_İngilizce

TITLE: Students Creating Science Resources
SUBJECT: Social Studies                               
LESSON TITLE: Manufacuring activity, Step by step Turkey.
Mürüvvet Hanım Primary School
LEVEL: 5th Grade
 TIME: 12 hours (5th March, 2012-30th March, 2012)
NECESSARY EQUIPMENTS: Team up, PowerPoint, mail, Google Docs, diigo, wiki spaces, twitter, facebook, prezi, dropbox, promethean, youtube, camera, flash meeting, projector, Course book, pictures, cards, worksheets.
At the end of the course,
Ø  The students learn to use the internet to become more informed about the topic
Ø  The students can work in collaboration with other students
Ø   The students will be able to use digital tools in a collaborative way
Ø  The students will be enjoy studying
Ø  The students will be more succesfull.
Ø  The students will be able to collaborate with students outside of their social circle
Ø  The students  will learn important of recycling
Ø  The students will  learn about turism in Turkey
Ø  The Students will learn about historical places in Turkey
Ø  The students present our country to other nationality’s people
Ø  The students will get information about jobs.
Ø  The students will get information about trade in Turkey
Ø  The students will get information about manufacturing activity



2 hour
1. Add the students ‘names to the team up and guide the students to take photos.

2. Present the subject
with basic information,

3-Ask the students to list of topics

4-teacher guide students to vote topics.

5-Teacher create heterogeneous teams. Howewer teacher considers to work outside of school hours.

6- Teacher presents the web tools facebook, twitter, google, wikispaces, blog, team up, flash meeting, promethean, dropbox, Powerpoint, prezi etc.

1- The students take photos each other

2-They suggest topics about two units (now and next)

3- The students think about what they would like to study.
4- Students decide to their favorite topics and vote 3 topic

5- They help teacher to create teams. They suggest team friends according to easly study at outside.
Forming teams

Forming teams

Forming teams

Forming teams

Forming teams


1-Teacher explains the topics to each group and gives homework to search about topic from internet.

2-Teacher ask the students bring up a big paper to group and stick their paper notes.

3- Teacher presents to Powerpoint to the sudents. Ask them make a Powerpoint presentation  about information that they collected

4- Teacher guide the flashnews.

5-The teacher make a meeting with parents, ask them to help students about using facebook and twitter.
Teacher say the students to colloborate with other students. Teacher guides the teams use twitter (#itec2) and facebook (itec students collaborate)

6- teacher guides the students on how o use wiki space and blog. Create a group for each team on wiki. Ask them to publish their presentation view others Project and comment about them

7- Teacher guide the teams, prepare questions for the interview.

8- Teacher guides use flashmeeting

9-teacher ask them make flashnews

10-Teacher ask them use a large paper for grouping information.

11-teacher ask students collaborate.

12 -teacher ask students feedback

1-Teacher ask them Express with a drama presentation what they learned with this Project.

2-Ask the students flashnews.

3.Teacher guide the students create a new team and make a company.

4- teacher guide students make a company arround school.

5- Teacher presents prezi.

6- Teacher ask collaborate

7-Teacher ask feedback.

1-The students collect information about their topics from internet. Firstly they use google.

2-The teams group the information that they collected, stick them on a paper.

3- The teams prepare a Powerpoint presentation to group the information that they collected.

4- The students record flash news on team up.

5- Students colloborate with other students. Their age, subject, national can be same or different. They write link of update Project on facebook and twitter

6-Students share the Powerpoint presentation and paper, Pictures on blog and wiki And they view presentations or projects of other students on comment.

7- students find a person about their topic. They prepare a interview with him/her.

8- They make a flash meeting.

9- The students record flash news on team up.

10- students grouping information that learned from interview.

11- Students colloborate with other students.

12- students comment on working of each other. They write on blog.

1-students prepare a drama about their topic and Express what they learned.

2-Students make a flashnews

3-Students choose a company subject. They create a new team.

4-Students make a company arround school.

5- Students use prezi to present their company

6-Students collaborate others.

7-Students do comment on working of each other.

Learning oriented browsing

İnformation grouping

İnformation grouping


Ad-hoc collaborate

Peer feedback

Learning oriented browsing

Prepare result


İnformation grouping

Add-hoc collaborate

Peer feedback

Prepare result


Forming teams

Prepare result

Add-hoc collaborate

Peer feedback

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